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Sergio Viana and Emerson Viana are brothers. Sergio is a doctor (radiologist), born in 1972 in São Paulo, Brazil. He lives currently in Brasília, Brazil, married to Maria Angélica and father of twins, Vinícius and Maria Fernanda. Emerson is a dentist, specialized in orthodontics, also born in São Paulo in 1974. He lives in Teresina, Brazil, is married to Patrícia and has a son called Enzo. Photography is a passion for them both, who are addicted to Canon EOS cameras. They have participated in national and international exhibitions (like Teresina Salon of Photography and Piauí PhotoRope, in Brazil, and the “Viaggiando Immaginando”, exhibition, in Trieste and Pordenone, Italy). Their photos were also used in books (as “Oscar Niemeyer: o espetáculo arquitetural” [Oscar Niemeyer: the architectural show], from the series “O Olhar Aprendiz” [The learning look], sponsored by the Oscar Niemeyer Museum), articles about Teresina, and can be found in major stock photo agencies, which licensed images overseas in places like Austria, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Canada, China, United Kingdom, United States, Peru, Japan, Australia and Hong Kong. The documentary film "Cidades Inventadas", by The History Channel, directed by Renato Barbieri, also used images from their portfolio (Production: Videografia and Ligocki Entretenimento by The History Channel Latin America, Brazil, 2009, 52 min). Their work was also used in campaigns of renowned advertisers, such as as GOL Airlines (AlmapBBDO, São Paulo), Newland Car Dealers (Slogan Propaganda, Fortaleza), Credishop Credit Cards (Sucesso Publicidade, Teresina), Shopping Rio Poty (OEstudio, Rio de Janeiro), Teresina City Government (Nova Comunicação, Teresina), Manhattan Real Estate Developments (Ponto Inicial, Fortaleza), TAM Airlines (Young & Rubicam, São Paulo), Nassau Cement Company (Martpet, Recife) and the Brazilian Ministry of Health (BorghiErh/Lowe, Brasília). All the images here displayed are intellectual and physical property of Sergio Viana e Emerson Viana and all rights are reserved to them. The photographic material showcased here is protected by Brazilian and international copyright law and treaties. Reproduction, publication and distribution of these images are not allowed without previous and explicit consent from the authors.

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